Ceylon Green Tea

"Much more than a refreshing beverage"

We are not only an award winning black tea manufacturer in Sri Lanka but also one of the leading Ceylon Green Tea manufacturers

Green tea is considered a beverage with great flavor and a multitude of health benefits. Ceylon Green Tea which boasts of a higher concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols help fight against cellular ageing, thanks to its anti-free radical action. Catechins and flavonoids help burn body fat and also boosts metabolism and digestion.

Radella Green Teas are produced using the finest green leaf carefully plucked and processed in high quality machinery under stringent controls. A light golden brew similar to the colour of early morning sunrays bears the signature mark of Radella Ceylon Green Teas. The flavor, aura and texture of Radella Green Tea are truly amazing and it is easily distinguishable from other brands of Ceylon green tea in the market.

Radella possesses both types of processing equipment providing Steamed and Pan fried Green teas to the market.