Speciality Tea

Ceylon’s Specialty Tea market has evolved over the years and developed into a robust niche, marketing an array of different types and grades to the Tea connoisseurs across the globe. We at Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC boasts the largest selection of Specialty teas to the market produced through exclusive processing methods unique to each garden. From whole leaf semi-rolled types to fully processed and compressed tea coins, we offer the market a cup to satisfy everyone’s taste profile.

Some of the Ceylon Specialty Tea produced by Talawakelle Tea Estates are:

  • Bearwell Estate - Silver Blossom
  • Wattegodde Estate - Butterfly Blue
  • Deniyaya Estate - Bud Tea
  • Dessford Estate - Abbotsford Special
  • Great Western Estate - Eagle’s Nest
  • Great Western Estate - Dragon Ball
  • Great Western Estate - Blooming Tea
  • Great Western Estate - Tea Coin
  • Great Western Estate - Jade Delight
  • Great Western Estate - Tea Flame
  • Mattakelle Estate - Golden Curls
  • Mattakelle Estate - White Tea
  • Mattakelle Estate - Queen of Blooms
  • Moragalla Estate - Charcoal Tea
  • Radella Estate - Sparkling Rose
  • Radella Estate - Spirit of Jade
  • Somerset Estate - Flowery Blooms